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Hamster Club
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Hamster Club
(Japon 1996–2001, Etats-Unis ?)

The first volume of the series collects four delightful and informative stories: 'A-Grade Hamsters,' by Medetai, decribes the proper care and feeding of hamsters. 'Cha Cha Cha Cha,' by Nekota Reia, is about a young hamster's exciting journey through his new home. 'I Want To Be Happy,' by Satsuki Kurosaki, deals with competition between hamster siblings. Finally 'Hana and Maru,' by Chisato Kihara, offers advanced tips for keeping your hamster happy, as well as a look at hamster's habits and social practices. The adventures of Endo, Shigecchi, Hana, Sachi, and the other round-bellied hamsters never ends. These furry and memorable little rodents expose the intricacies of their lives - everything from stashing sunflower seeds to communicating with humans.

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: Numérique (ebook)
Nombre moyen de pages
: 100

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