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Skull Man
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Skull Man

Tatsuo Kagura was born the son of two geniuses. Inheriting their great talent, he has grown to be a super genius boy, something like a mutant. Tatsuo's parents were treated like monsters due to their outstanding abilities, and murdered by someone who hated them for it. Tastuo, left alone, comes to learn of his parents' cruel fate, and spends the rest of his life seeking vengeance.Tatsuya turns 17. The time has come, and he is ready to take his revenge. He wears a skull mask marking him as messenger from the land of the dead, and identifies himself as Skull Man. Together with GALO, an artificial creature and a product of his father's research, Skull Man tracks down and destroys all those connected with the killing of his parents, and lays a trap for the real culprit hiding in the shadows.

: Numérique (lecture en ligne)
Nombre moyen de pages
: 94 (Noir & Blanc)

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