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In the first volume, a disfigured misfit befriends a doomed yakuza outcast, a group of school kids fail to see the anger that's about to boil over from one of their own and members of an experimental theatre troupe embark on a project that will test both their friendships and the group's grasp on reality. In the volume 2, the author explores the many problems and social difficulties that people face, while growing up and while seeking to find their roles in a violent, precarious world. In "Hang," 2 lovers try to look beyond a twisted, dysfunctional family life to strengthen the ties that bind them together. In other stories, a struggling art student tries to survive an early midlife crisis and his feelings towards high school girls and androids ; a young painter with yakuza connections and sick fantasies struggles to balance his personal passions with his family's honor ; and the two teenagers lament their shortcomings.

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: Japonais

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