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Ice Eagle, Fire Hawk
Ice Eagle, Fire Hawk

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: Version numérique

Hard-working finance employee Takashi Gojo didn't earn the nickname "Fire Hawk" for nothing — he’s strong, tough, and fiercely passionate about his work, but that doesn't stop things from heating up even more. Life gets complicated for Gojo after a steamy one night stand, or rather, the next morning when he finds out that his mysteriously alluring partner was actually his new boss, Shuichi Miyagi. Stumped and off his game, the questions and paperwork start piling up for Gojo. Will he be able to figure out what happened to his previous boss? Will he be able to get past Miyagi's icy gaze and warm the man's cold heart with his own fiery desire? Or has the famous Fire Hawk finally been shot down?

: 5,75 €
: Numérique (lecture en ligne)
Nombre moyen de pages
: 180 (Incipit)
Sens de lecture
: Japonais

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