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Purehearted Boys
Purehearted Boys

Takagari and Yamaguchi are best friends who are constantly kissing each other in public. This kissing-in-public habit of theirs began as a joke, but recently the pair have taken to kissing even when they’re not in public. What will happen to Yamaguchi’s virtue when Takagari finally reaches the end of his rope, and pushes him down forcefully?! Included with the title story is another series that surrounds two friends fumbling around while trying to find the happy-medium between first-love and friendship. Long story short: the urges of high school boys are insatiable!

: 5,75 €
: Numérique (lecture en ligne)
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: Japonais

Séries Liées : d'autres histoires, un même univers.
Love CircumstancesAnglais18 ans

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