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(Japon 2002–2013, Etats-Unis 2004–2005)

Who wants to be the tough guy at school ? Well that’s what the bad boys at Suzuran High School are going to find out at the Freshmen’s Battle, a fight contest amongst the newcomers to see who will be the top dog on campus... When the naive out of towner, country bumpkin, Hana Tsukishima, transfers to a boardinghouse to attend High School in the big city, he finds this fast-paced lifestyle is not what it’s like back home. With a Yakuza landlord, a cross-dressing housekeeper and boardinghouse mates trying to out do one another... there is little room for the weak-at-heart to survive with this wild bunch. But little do the ruffians know that Hana is more than a match for them. Find out who will be the alpha male to rule and dominate the worst school in town.

: 9,36 €
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: Japonais

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