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After the destruction of his entire village, Hoshi decides he has to do something about it. The village elder explains that it was destroyed by the evil sorcerer, Adurag, so he could get his evil hands on the pyramid vortex. The pyramid vortex is an energetic shield that stopped other worlds of evil sorcerors and demons from entering. Now that the pyramid vortex has been taken, their only choice is to stay and protect the village for the next seven days. The village elder tells of the pyramid vortex, being able to respawn and that going outside of the range of the vortex's protection would drive you insane. So Hoshi is ordered to guard the village. However Hoshi is distracted by a little Panda (Pwanda), Dipsyfear. Dipsyfear is chased out of the village by an angry Hoshi, whose mothers necklace has been taken by the silly Pwanda ! After leaving the village a familiar voice tells Hoshi to find his own truth and not be scared to step out of the world he grew up in.

: 10,81 €
Nombre moyen de pages
: 304
Sens de lecture
: Japonais

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