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How To Control a Sidecar
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How To Control a Sidecar

Naive and easy-going Kousaka is a bartender at a local popular hangout place. One night, a couple--a young mischievous, spirited guy and a rich, handsome and well-groomed man walk in. Kousaka noticed that they seemed a bit odd being together-but little did he know, they weren't there for happy hour drinks! They were there to approach Kousaka and to be a part of their 3-way relationship. When he finally realizes that he is wanted by the two-Kousaka finds himself embroiled in a messy love triangle! Now what will he do? Kousaka wants out of this relationship...or does he? A spinoff from "How To Capture A Martini"!

: 9,36 €
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: Japonais

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