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Goth's Cage
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Goth's Cage

In the first story, "Glass Magic", the author does a twisted take on the classic Cinderella tale. An ugly corpse-like servant girl wishes to fall in love with a prince and become a beautiful princess. A sinister old witch offers her a magic potion that can grant her heart’s desires, but in order for the magic to work she must abandon her soul. She gets rid of her memories, her face, and her master to become a cruelly beautiful glass princess. "The Feeling of Pain" features a young boy’s excruciating attempts to escape the devilishly impregnable prison he is trapped in. His cries of pain call forth a wickedly malicious devil, who jeers at his futile attempts to escape. Lastly, in "The Pair", the shop keeper of an enchanted barbershop attends to his beautiful victim under the moonlight. He snips away at her body, only keeping the “pretty” parts to add to his collection of parts he needs to resurrect his dead wife.

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: Japonais

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