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My Beloved Werewolf
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My Beloved Werewolf
(Japon ?, Etats-Unis 2011–2012)

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: Version numérique

Baron John Wolf Hunter is a man with a dark secret. Cursed with the blood of Fenrir the Wolf, he struggles to control his animalistic impulses all the while falling madly in love with a young and innocent librarian, William. But William harbors a secret of his own… William Powys is a descendant of the great mages. With his power to ward off evil spirits, he embarks on a mission to investigate paranormal phenomena that plague Victorian London. Though at first William finds Lord Hunter arrogant and overbearing, he soon becomes enthralled by the baron’s charms.

: 3,62 €
: Numérique (lecture en ligne)
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: Japonais

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