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Boy's Love

Shining Stars in Line
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Shining Stars in Line

Hitomi Takano, the artist behind My Boy, explores love through this collection of BL one-shots. “MILK”: Tomohiro and Shigeru are friends… with extra benefits. When Shigeru realizes he might have feelings for Tomohiro, their friendship seems to be on the brink of ruin. “The Farther You Run, the Closer You Get”: After ten years apart, Keiki runs into Mutsu, his best friend in middle school. Though their reunion seems happy on the surface, Keiki discovers Mutsu’s memory of a secret still haunts both of them… “A Dramatic Reunion”: Kengo attends a high school reunion and bumps into Hiroki, his former classmate. They seem little more than strangers now…right? “The Laugh from Next Door”: Tsubouchi and Arai are two neighbors with the same interest in comedy. Although Tsubouchi loves to laugh, he rarely does in public, a fact that puzzles Arai. As they both bond, Arai unravels the secret behind Tsubouchi’s laugh. “Shining Stars in Line”: A rising movie star, Aoba is a former member of idol group Adore5 with lingering feelings towards his fellow idol, Ouji. Yet, Adore5 is on the brink of breaking up. Ouji feels like he is burning out of stardom. With both of their careers shooting in opposite directions, can they find their way towards love?

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