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Nemuri Kyoshiro
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Nemuri Kyoshiro

1830. For over two centuries, central authority has lain with the Tokugawa Shogunate, which emerged as the victor of a destructive civil war. Relative peace has prevailed, but cracks have appeared in the foundation of the shogunate. Closing Japan off to foreigners (except the Chinese and the Dutch) and the forbiddance of Japanese travel abroad have restricted the flow of ideas that may help the government overcome rampant inflation, unchecked population growth and resultant nation-wide famines. Political intrigue. Illicit affairs. Drugs. Black market goods. Edo has it all in abundance. Country people are flocking in, attracted by the lure of jobs. Poverty is crushing for most of the city's denizens, but for the privileged or enterprising few, Edo offers experiences that bewilder the senses. Never has Edo been so vibrant, and it is here that we find our hero, Nemuri Kyoshiro, a blue-eyed samurai of mixed heritage for hire.

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