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Paintings of you

Claudio Verges is a talented young painter with a terrible secret : there is no passion in his work. His paintings are as vivid as photographs, and everyone expects him to go far, but he lives in fear that someday, everyone will discover he's no better than a copying machine. To escape his fame, Claude transfers to the Messina College of Art and Design, but instead of disappearing into the background, he's surrounded by eccentric, talented students who all know his name. To make matters worse, Benedict Connor, a sarcastic yet charming photography student, knows his big secret, and is determined to help Claude find his inspiration, whether he wants to or not ! And on top of it all, everyone, including Ben, is convinced that Claude is in love with Ben's best friend Beatrice, while Beatrice wants nothing to do with the sullen painter. While Claude's crazy roommate Hero and his boyfriend John work to help him win Beatrice's heart, sparks fly as Claude finds himself falling for Ben.

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: Occidental

Arrêt de commercialisation.
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