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Boy's Love

Il Gatto Sul G
Il Gatto Sul G
(Japon 2002–2007, Etats-Unis 2006–2009)

Atsushi Ikeda is your typical “nice guy.” He’s so nice, he even has this habit of bringing stray cats home. But even he is quite unprepared for what turns up at his doorstep one day...a cut and bloodied young man. The injured boy turns out to be famous violinist, Riya Narukawa. He decides to look after the young musician, even giving him a key to his apartment in case Riya needs a place of refuge. But Riya has been on his own most of his life and is quite unsure as to how to react to Atsushi’s acts of kindness. Worse, Riya actually has another personality within him that is not so frail and timid as his other self.

: 9,36 €
: Numérique (lecture en ligne)
Sens de lecture
: Japonais

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