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Boy's Love

Love Potion
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Love Potion

It's been passed on to generation to generation - in the family of Hanamura, ability to lure and woo any man with this mysterious pheromone like essence, called Choukou, the "Scent of a butterfly." This mysterious and powerful ability was meant for the woman of the Hanamuras, but it was passed on to Yuzato, the son of the family. He is a professor at a local academy; thanks to this ability, his life has been nothing a string of comical events. He is being chased by a pervert, he's been hit on by molesters and every man in sight wants his body! Just as Yuzato thought this couldn't get any worse... Hasegawa, his student is now falling for him!

: 9,36 €
: 13 x 18,3 cm
Nombre moyen de pages
: 200 (Noir & Blanc)
Sens de lecture
: Japonais

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