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Boy's Love

Ordinary Crush
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Ordinary Crush
(Japon 2001–2003, Etats-Unis 2007–2008)

Welcome to Kinsei Private School-a respected, all-boys institution where it's rumored ninety percent of the student body is gay (or bi). For the straight Nanase, this means constantly evading day-to-day advances from his love-struck classmates. Just what is a "normal" boy to do in this sea of abnormality? Enter Heiji, who proposes a unique solution to his sempai-namely, that he and Nanase pretend to be a couple to deflect all the unwanted attention. Sounds like a good plan, except pretty soon Nanase finds himself performing all manner of embarrassing acts in order to keep up the "ruse."

: 9,36 €
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: Japonais

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