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Selfish Mr. Mermaid
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Selfish Mr. Mermaid
(Japon 2006–2007, Etats-Unis 2008–2009)

Kanan is a passive sort, whose timidity has a way of irritating anyone around him with half an ounce of self-respect. When investigating an upstairs apartment leak, he discovers the source is something beyond his wildest fantasy-a mermaid?! That's Mr.Mermaid, thank you very much. Kaioh is aquatic royalty, with tears of pearl and a selfish, bullying attitude bigger than the ocean. One look at submissive Kanan, and Mr.Mermaid knows he's found someone to wait on him hand and foot. Quick as you please, Kaioh moves in to Kanan's bathtub and begins ordering him around like he's King Neptune himself! Is this abusive man-phibian simply taking advantage of the situation? Or is he offering Kanan some kind of twisted therapy-a sink or swim scenario to finally find his courage?

: 9,36 €
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: Japonais

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