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Boy's Love

The Dawn of love
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The Dawn of love

When law student Masahiro Matsunaga has his eye caught by the beautiful, seductive Takane, it’s lust at first sight. No matter what, Masahiro simply must bed his gorgeous classmate, even if it amounts to a one-night fling. After discovering his goal was easier to achieve than he’d realized, Masahiro finds he’s in another dilemma – once is not enough! It becomes all Takane all the time as far as Masahiro is concerned, but the object of his obsession has no lack of other “sex friends”. For Takane, committing to one lover is a ridiculous proposition, one he’d never consider, unless Masahiro can make the case for monogamy. Is it possible for animal lust to grow into true love?

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: Japonais

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