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Boy's Love

You and Harujion
You and Harujion

Haru stands alone. Like the lowly flower he was named after, he alone stands atop a field of green, with his face upturned to the sun as the harsh winds of reality rock him to and fro. After the untimely death of his father, the teenaged Haru finds himself orphaned and facing a mountain of debts left behind by his parent. Confused and naive, Haru isn’t quite sure what to do until a friend from the past, Mr. Senoh, comes to his rescue. Senoh, it turns out, is a lawyer and is willing and able to help Haru. Help that soon extends beyond Haru’s legal needs. As his feelings snowball, Senoh must now figure out what he wants to be for Haru...surrogate father or lover?

: 9,36 €
: Numérique (ebook et lecture en ligne)
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: Japonais

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