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Manga Dogs
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Manga Dogs
(Japon 2010–2014, Etats-Unis 2014–2015)

Kanna Tezuka is a serious 15-year-old manga artist, already being published as a pro. So when she finds out her high school is starting a manga drawing course, even she gets excited. But it's a fiasco! The teacher is useless, and the only other students — three pretty-boy artist wannabes — quickly adopt Kanna as their (unwilling) sensei. But they all have ridiculous delusions about being an artist, and if Kanna can't bring them back down to Earth, she'll never get any work done!

: 7,95 €
: 12,7 x 19 cm
Nombre moyen de pages
: 200 (Noir & Blanc)
Sens de lecture
: Japonais

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