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Please, Please Me
Please, Please Me
(Corée 2009–2012, Etats-Unis 2009–2012)

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Single ladies sure have it tough! Eligible bachelorettes Aeri Goo and Nagyung couldn't agree more. Both are established career women, and though they approach dating from the opposite ends of the spectrum, their goal is the same: Find that special connection. The flighty but sweet-hearted Aeri is focused on finding a hot piece to give her some much-needed TLC, but she can't seem to attract an acceptable potential partner without resorting to...dare we say it? A blind date! Her sexy roommate Nagyung, on the other hand, can't seem to fend off a constant stream of playboy pursuers. Too bad they all seem more interested in her good looks than who she is as a person—so not what she is looking for!

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