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Chugworth Academy
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Chugworth Academy

"Chugworth Academy, the most prestigious educational establishment in New Bumpshire. Are you rich? Are you successful? Do you have an Hispanic servant whose name you don't know, so you just call him "Amigo"? Then Chugworth Academy is the ONLY place to send your little ones! A world famous institute of unrivaled learning, Chugworth Academy's fine faculty of pretentious professors will make sure your children are equipped for everything the world won't throw at them!" Beautiful, intelligent, athletic; Sally has it all. Then she has Kiyoshi, the idiot boyfriend who follows her around like a lost puppy. What he lacks in smarts he makes up for in looks, charm and pure blind luck. Kiyoshi's best friend, Ellice, takes being "easy" to a whole new level. Finally there's Chloe, Sally's disturbingly hyperactive cousin. Seemingly like an island in a vast sea of stupidity, can Sally survive her teenage years without going completely and utterly mental?

: 10,12 €
: Numérique (lecture en ligne)

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