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It Takes a Wizard
It Takes a Wizard

Nobody has been inside Manhattan for the past three years, and with good reason. It’s become a place of wild, dark magic, where technology and the laws of science do not work. And it’s at war with the United States--a dark kingdom that seeks to spread across the river to the rest of the world, with armies of trolls, goblins, imps, ghouls and harpies gathering under the command of a dark sorcerer: Everett Winterthorn. Isaac Silverberg is his former apprentice who is plucked from Death Row and given a final chance to redeem himself. The US Army gives him an offer he can’t refuse: his life, in exchange for the rescue of the New Jersey governor’s daughter, apparently kidnapped by Winterthorn’s minions and taken into the depths of the Magic Kingdom. It’s a mission that can only be accomplished by the most powerful mage there is. Unfortunately for him, the government believes Isaac Silverberg is that man. In fact, they are quite sure of it. But is he...?

: 9,39 €
Nombre moyen de pages
: 480

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