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Battlestar Galactica
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Battlestar Galactica

In "Teacher's Pet," teacher Laura Roslin struggles to educate and inspire her young students with a "human-centric" curriculum on New Caprica, until she begins to suspect one of her own students may be a Cylon informer. Back on board the Galactica after Adama's daring rescue of the human population in "Shelf Life," President Tom Zarek is determined to root out and punish any human traitor suspected of collaborating with the Cylons during the occupation by death. But will he be able to follow through when a long-lost friend is on top of the target list? And in "Visitation," Starbuck is stunned when she discovers the young girl Kacey living in squalor in the shantytown, so stunned that in her attempt to help, she crosses a line that shocks even those closest to her.

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