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Bombos vs Everything
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Bombos vs Everything

To get to the most totally awesome city of Bokonon, a select few prospects must face the ultimate challenge--surviving an epic showdown with the mysterious Qualifiers. Meet Bombos, the most totally awesome paperboy ever to grace the provincial backwater. More than anything, he wants to get to the city and he knows how to do it--with attitude and a bat. It won't be easy. Standing between Bombos and a ticket out of his little out-of-the-way town? An editor-in-chief whose bizarre challenges could either help him or get him killed; a hyper-competitive loser named Veng; a giant potato-like creature with indiscriminate eating habits, his complete inability to be on time for anything, much weirdness with his best friend Addy and let's not forget, the Qualifiers. Or, to simplify, it's Bombos versus Everything!

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: Occidental

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