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(Japon 2004–2005, Etats-Unis 2007–2008)

K is a mech pilot for the Neo Seoul Police Force. He has been spending all his time as of late trying to arrest a group of terrorists, who seem to have fun at K’s expense. On another routine chase, K actually ends up fighting along and rescuing a Sara, a member of what he thought was a terrorist group. And before K knows it, he is branded as a bad apple of the police unit, and his life takes a dramatic turn. K finds out that there is actually a giant conspiracy behind how the whole world is controlled, and the group that he formerly though of as terrorists are actually freedom fighters that are fighting against a power-hungry group known as “Iron”. As Iron comes after K, his good friend Yura gets shot and becomes comatose, and K finds himself backup up to the wall with two options. Either fight with Athena, the group that he formally thought were terrorists, or go back out in the world and get killed by Iron.

: 7,22 €
: 12,5 x 19 cm
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: Japonais

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