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Reign Over Destiny
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Reign Over Destiny

When the half-elf Trinity Calimaster and ververian Juliana Feard meet it seems a natural partnership. Each is looking for someone. For Trinity it is the evil god that murdered her parents; for Juliana it is her younger brother separated from her after a fire. At first it appears their partnership is one of convenience but the reality of it is much deeper. Theirs is a meeting of destiny as they discover that they are not mere adventurers, but reincarnated gods! Along their adventures they encounter friends and foes both past and future: Logan, the childhood friend of Trinity who also seeks vengeance against Algeron, his blood-related uncle! Errol, the unassuming Prince Miladay from Juliana’s early adventuring days. And of course, Syris, Juliana’s long lost little brother. Juliana and Trinity’s tale culminates with the evil Algeron. His ties to them run deeper than either one is aware, as he too is a reincarnated god. But only Algeron remembers their previous lives.

: 7,22 €
: 12,5 x 19 cm
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: Occidental

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