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(Etats-Unis 2006–2007, Etats-Unis 2006–2007)

Meet Armand Jones—a typical boy from small-town U.S.A. Doesn't like his teachers. Doesn't like homework. Can't stand the bullies constantly harassing him on the bus every day. But what he really won't like is getting Zapt! Armand is about to be inducted into the ranks of the Pan-Galactic Order of Police, where, like it or not, he'll have to save alien races and outwit marauding space pirates! And he'll still have to be home in time for dinner. Being a kid is about to get a lot harder!

: 4,33 €
: 12,5 x 19 cm
Sens de lecture
: Occidental

Arrêt de commercialisation.
Disponible uniquement d'occasion.
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