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Acheter Striker sur Amazon
(Japon 1988–1996, Etats-Unis 1998–1999)

In Earth's distant past, the ancient civilizations of man had achieved levels of technology unfathomable by modern science - control of the planet's weather systems, geological activities. Today, the ghosts of man's past have come back to haunt him in the form of artifacts and ruins of immense power scattered at archaeological sites throughout the world. As a result of their discovery, the super-powers of the world have begun to wage clandestine shadow wars for control of the artifacts in a vain attempt at conquest. Enter the Arcam Foundation--a privately funded secretive organization sworn to protect the artifact sites from the power-hungry nations. Years of research preparing for the coming crisis has yielded weapons of incredible strength for use against the world's aggressors, and the unique operatives known as the Strikers were born as a result. One of these warriors, a Japanese student named Yu Ominae is proved to be one of the most skilled Strikers in existence.

: 11,53 €
: 14,2 x 20,5 cm

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