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Aqua Knight
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Aqua Knight
(Japon 1998–2000, Etats-Unis 2001–2002)

On a remote island on a mystical aqueous world, a naive young boy named Ashika lives a tranquil life with his father, Arrabarus the lighthouse keeper. One day, the boy discovers an unusual sunken treasure: a high-tech suit of underwater armor. But what's even more unusual is the beautiful feamle warrior trapped inside! In return for saving her life, Aqua Knight Ruliya offers to grant Ashika his heart's desire. To her surprise, he wishes to become an Aqua Knight like her! However, before Ashika can become her squire, both are sorely tested. The foolhardy boy attempts to prove his mettle by charging a voracious legendary sea dragon, and Arrabarus challenges Ruliya to a duel in full battle armor to prove herself worth to be his son's mentor. And things really get out of hand when mad scientist Alcantara arrives on the scene to kidnap and plunder; followed closely by the Lord of the Underworld, come to claim the life of one of our heroes and present another with a fiendish gift.

: 12,26 €
: 14,2 x 20,5 cm

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