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Riot of the world
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Riot of the world

Billy the Kid, an accomplished young outlaw, will do anything to lay his hand on Riot, an ancient sacred text said to contain the magical key to unfold treasures of a former kingdom - not to mention half the secrets of the universe ! But when Billy bungles his burglary attempt, he is mortally wounded by Riot's beautiful guardian, Axel. As he lied dying, he hears a voice calling him telepathically. It's the book itself offering a bargain ! Riot will spare Billy's life, but in return, he must swear to devote the rest of his days to protecting Axel from harm. That doesn't seem too unpleasant. After all, Axel is the cutest woman who has ever tried to kill him ! And anyway, anything beats being dead. At least, it seems that way - until Billy finds out what's in the store for the two of them !

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: 11,53 €
: 14,2 x 20,5 cm
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: Japonais

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