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That Blue Sky Feeling
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That Blue Sky Feeling
(Japon 2017–2018, Etats-Unis 2018–2019)

Outgoing high school student Noshiro finds himself drawn to Sanada, the school outcast, who is rumored to be gay. Rather than deter Noshiro, the rumor makes him even more determined to get close to Sanada, setting in motion a bittersweet tale of first love. The first volume of this heartwarming high school story about how your first love isn’t always exactly what you expect begins with the popular Noshiro transferring to a new school and becoming intrigued by Sanada, a loner who doesn’t seem to have any friends—or even want any. Some of the other kids tell Noshiro that Sanada keeps to himself because he’s secretly gay, which only makes Noshiro more interested. He sets out on a campaign to win over the shy Sanada, embarking on a friendship that starts to feel like something much more intense.

: 7,95 €
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: Japonais

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