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The World of Quest
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The World of Quest
(Etats-Unis 2007–2008, Etats-Unis 2007–2008)

In the land of Odyssia, legend tells of a mystical weapon that will decide the fate of the world. Only Prince Nestor, an eleven-year-old smart aleck, has the means to find it. Now some of the evilest, vilest, and slimiest beings in Odyssia have been dispatched to bring back the boy. His only hope ? Quest ! Formerly the greatest hero in the realm…who just happened to be banished by Nestor’s mother. *ahem* Now the reluctant hero and his charge must journey together against desperate odds and an army of baneful creatures sent to destroy them ! That is, if Quest and Nestor don’t kill each other first !

: 7,22 €
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: Occidental

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