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Gorgeous Carat
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Gorgeous Carat
(Japon 1999–2002, Etats-Unis 2006–2007)

Florian Rochefort is the heir to a once-wealthy aristocratic family that has fallen on hard times. One way to save the family’s fortune would be to sell the Flame of Mughal, a 120 carat diamond that has been entrusted to the Rochefort family, only Florian’s mother refuses to part with the treasure. But then a distant relative, Ray Balzac Courland, shows up at a Rochefort family party, and becomes intrigued by Florian and his beautiful “amethyst” eyes. Ray offers to pay off the Rochefort debt in exchange for ownership of Florian, and much to Florian’s dismay, his mother agrees. Florian’s new life as Ray’s property immediately gets chaotic as he discovers that Ray is actually the famous phantom thief, Noir, who has been haunting Paris!

: 7,22 €
: 12,7 x 18,8 cm
Nombre moyen de pages
: 200 (Noir & Blanc)
Sens de lecture
: Japonais

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