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Yusen Ruten
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Yusen Ruten

Masayoshi is the heir to a once powerful clan that defied the Kamakura Bakufu and paid the greatest price of all—their lives. He is the only one to survive the retaliation of the Bakufu that had dubbed all that oppose them as Akuto. He’s taken in by an allied clan and raised to one day lead his people as they struggle to survive where starvation is a constant fear and the threat of the government pounding on their doors is always around the corner. Saki is the daughter of the clan head who took in Masayoshi and the woman he swore to protect since the day she shined light on his closed-off heart. Together they strive to keep their people fed and alive in a time of great suffering.

: Numérique (lecture en ligne)
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: Japonais

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