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Liste des mangas manhwas manhuas dont le statut est En cours aux Etats-Unis et au Japon

20222.5 Dimensional SeductionEcchi18 ansAnglais
2022Banished from the Hero's Party, I Decided to Live a Quiet Life in the CountrysideShonenAnglais
2022Bungo Stray Dogs: WanSeinenAnglais
2022Classroom of the EliteSeinen13 ansAnglais
2022Cross-Dressing Villainess CeciliaShojo13 ansAnglais
2022GUNBURED × SISTERSYuri18 ansAnglais
2022I'm a Wolf, but My Boss is a Sheep!Seinen13 ansAnglais
2022Minami Nanami Wants to ShineShonen13 ansAnglais
2022Monologue Woven For YouYuri13 ansAnglais
2022My Deer Friend NokotanShonen13 ansAnglais
2022Record of RagnarokSeinen15 ansAnglais
2022Reincarnated as a Sword: Another WishSeinenAnglais
2022Sakamoto DaysShonen13 ansAnglais
2022Sheeply Horned Witch RomiShonen13 ansAnglais
2022The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love YouEcchi16 ansAnglais
2022The Case Files of Jeweler RichardShojoAnglais
2022The Most Heretical Last Boss Queen: From Villainess to SaviorJosei13 ansAnglais
2022The Saint's Magic Power is Omnipotent: The Other SaintShojoAnglais
2022The Tunnel to Summer, the Exit of Goodbye, UltramarineSeinenAnglais
2022Yakuza ReincarnationShonenAnglais
2021A Couple of CuckoosShonen13 ansAnglais
2021Adachi and ShimamuraYuriAnglais
2021Afterschool Hanako-kunShonenAnglais
2021A Girl & Her Guard DogShojoAnglais
2021Agravity BoysShonen13 ansAnglais
2021Animal Crossing: New Horizons-Deserted Island DiaryKodomo8 ansAnglais
2021A tale of the Secret SaintShonen13 ansAnglais
2021A White Rose in BloomYuri16 ansAnglais
2021Berserk of GluttonySeinenAnglais
2021Big Hero 6 The seriesShonenAnglais
2021Black or WhiteBoy's Love18 ansAnglais
2021Black SummonerShonenAnglais
2021Blue LockShonen16 ansAnglais
2021Bofuri: I Don't Want to Get Hurt, So I'll Max Out My DefenseShonenAnglais
2021Booty Royale: Never Go Down Without a Fight!Ecchi18 ansAnglais
2021Boss WifeJosei16 ansAnglais
2021Burn the witchShonen13 ansAnglais
2021Call Girl in Another WorldEcchi18 ansAnglais
2021Call of the NightShonenAnglais
2021Call to Adventure! Defeating Dungeons with a Skill BoardShonen13 ansAnglais
2021Cat in a Hot Girls' DormEcchi18 ansAnglais
2021Chasing After Aoi KoshibaYuri16 ansAnglais
2021Chihiro-Kun Only Has Eyes For MeShojoAnglais
2021Chillin' in Another World with Level 2 Super Cheat PowersShonen13 ansAnglais
2021Chronicles of an Aristocrat Reborn in Another WorldSeinen13 ansAnglais
2021Dai DarkShonenAnglais
2021Der Werwolf - The Annals of VeightShonen13 ansAnglais
2021Desire PandoraEcchi18 ansAnglais
2021Devil's CandyShojoAnglais
2021Dick Fight IslandBoy's Love18 ansAnglais
2021Do You Like Big Girls ?Seinen18 ansAnglais
2021Drugstore in Another World: The Slow Life of a Cheat PharmacistSeinenAnglais
2021Dungeon Dive : Aim for the Deepest LevelShonen16 ansAnglais
2021Ero Ninja ScrollsEcchi18 ansAnglais
2021Even Though We're AdultsJosei16 ansAnglais
2021Failure Frame: I Became the Strongest and Annihilated Everything With Low-Level SpellsShonenAnglais
2021FangsBoy's Love18 ansAnglais
2021Fate/Grand Order -Epic of Remnant- Pseudo-Singularity III: The Stage of Carnage, Shimousa - Seven Duels of SwordmastersShonen13 ansAnglais
2021Frieren: Beyond Journey's EndShonenAnglais
2021Full Clearing Another World under a Goddess with Zero BelieversShonenAnglais
2021Gacha Girls CorpsShonen13 ansAnglais
2021Goblin Slayer Side Story II: Dai KatanaSeinen18 ansAnglais
2021Golden Japanesque – Yokohama KarentanShojoAnglais
2021Great PretenderShonen13 ansAnglais
2021Happy Kanako's Killer LifeSeinen16 ansAnglais
2021Hazure Skill: The Guild Member with a Worthless Skill Is Actually a Legendary AssassinShonen13 ansAnglais
2021Headhunted to Another WorldShonenAnglais
2021Her Royal Highness Seems to be AngryShonen13 ansAnglais
2021Higehiro : After Being Rejected, I Shaved and Took in a High School RunawayShonen16 ansAnglais
2021Hitomi-chan is Shy With StrangersShonen13 ansAnglais
2021How Do You Do, Koharu ?ShojoAnglais
2021I'm in Love with the VillainessYuri16 ansAnglais
2021I'm the Catlords' ManservantShonen13 ansAnglais
2021I Am a Cat BaristaShojoAnglais
2021I Cannot Reach YouBoy's Love16 ansAnglais
2021I Got Caught Up In a Hero Summons, but the Other World was at PeaceShonen13 ansAnglais
2021In Another World With My SmartphoneShonenAnglais
2021In the Clear Moonlit DuskShojoAnglais
2021Into the Deepest, Most Unknowable DungeonEcchi18 ansAnglais
2021I Swear I Won't Bother You Again!SeinenAnglais
2021I Think Our Son Is GayShonenAnglais
2021I Was Reincarnated as the 7th Prince so I Can Take My Time Perfecting My Magical AbilityShonenAnglais
2021I Was Reincarnated as the Villainess in an Otome Game but the Boys Love Me Anyway!Shojo13 ansAnglais
2021JK Haru : Sex Worker in Another WorldSeinen18 ansAnglais
2021Kageki ShojoShojo13 ansAnglais
2021Kaiju No 8Shonen13 ansAnglais
2021Karate Survivor in Another WorldSeinen16 ansAnglais
2021Kiruru Kill MeShonen16 ansAnglais
2021Let This Grieving Soul RetireShonenAnglais
2021Level 1 Demon Lord and One Room HeroSeinen16 ansAnglais
2021Love and HeartShojoAnglais
2021MADKBoy's Love18 ansAnglais
2021Magical Angel Creamy MamiSeinen13 ansAnglais
2021Magu-chan: God of DestructionShonen13 ansAnglais
2021Mama AkumaShonenAnglais
2021Manga Diary of a Male Porn StarSeinen18 ansAnglais
2021MaoShonen13 ansAnglais
2021Mapping: The Trash-Tier Skill That Got Me Into a Top-Tier PartyShonenAnglais
2021MashleShonen12 ansAnglais
2021Me & RobocoShonen13 ansAnglais
2021MedalistShonen13 ansAnglais
2021Might as Well Cheat: I Got Transported to Another World Where I Can Live My Wildest Dreams!Ecchi17 ansAnglais
2021Mint ChocolateShojoAnglais
2021Monster Guild: The Dark Lord's No-Good ComebackSeinen16 ansAnglais
2021Mr. BrideShojoAnglais
2021Multi-Mind MayhemShonen13 ansAnglais
2021My Darling Next DoorShojoAnglais
2021My Hero Academia: Team-Up MissionsShonen13 ansAnglais
2021My Isekai Life: I Gained a Second Character Class and Became the Strongest Sage in the World!Shonen13 ansAnglais
2021My Love Mix-UpShojo13 ansAnglais
2021My Lovey-Dovey Wife is a Stone Cold KillerSeinen15 ansAnglais
2021My Next Life as a Villainess Side Story: On the Verge of Doom!JoseiAnglais
2021My Unique Skill Makes Me OP even at Level 1Shonen13 ansAnglais
2021My Wife has no emotionsSeinen16 ansAnglais
2021No Matter What You Say, Furi-san is Scary!Seinen13 ansAnglais
2021ONIMAI: I'm Now Your Sister!SeinenAnglais
2021Otaku ElfShonenAnglais
2021Otherside PicnicYuriAnglais
2021Our Not-So-Lonely Planet Travel GuideBoy's Love16 ansAnglais
2021Penguin & HouseSeinen13 ansAnglais
2021Play it CoolShojoAnglais
2021Please Put Them On, Takamine-san!SeinenAnglais
2021Pokémon : Sword & ShieldShonen7 ansAnglais
2021Police in a PodSeinen16 ansAnglais
2021Pretty Boy Detective ClubShonenAnglais
2021Quality Assurance in Another WorldSeinen16 ansAnglais
2021Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World – Chapter 4Seinen13 ansAnglais
2021Reborn as a Barrier MasterSeinenAnglais
2021Reborn as a Space Mercenary: I Woke Up Piloting the Strongest Starship!Seinen15 ansAnglais
2021Record of Wortenia WarShonenAnglais
2021Reign of the Seven SpellbladesShonenAnglais
2021Reincarnated as a Dragon HatchlingShonen13 ansAnglais
2021Rent-A-Really Shy!-GirlfriendShonen16 ansAnglais
2021ROLL OVER AND DIE - I Will Fight for an Ordinary Life with My Love and Cursed Sword !Yuri16 ansAnglais
2021Rosen BloodShojo13 ansAnglais
2021Saint Cecilia and Pastor LawrenceShonen13 ansAnglais
2021Sasaki and MiyanoShojo13 ansAnglais
2021Saving Sweets for After-HoursShojoAnglais
2021School Zone GirlsYuri16 ansAnglais
2021SemelparousYuri17 ansAnglais
2021Sex Education 120%SeinenAnglais
2021Shaman King: MarcosShonen13 ansAnglais
2021She's My KnightShojo13 ansAnglais
2021She Professed Herself Pupil of the WisemanShonenAnglais
2021Skip and LoaferSeinen13 ansAnglais
2021Slasher MaidensShonen16 ansAnglais
2021Slow Life In Another World – I wishShonen15 ansAnglais
2021Spy ClassroomSeinenAnglais
2021Star Wars The High Republic – The edge of balanceShonen13 ansAnglais
2021Succubus and HitmanShonen15 ansAnglais
2021Superwomen in loveYuri16 ansAnglais
2021Tamamo-chan's a Fox!Shonen16 ansAnglais
2021The Dangers in my heartSeinen16 ansAnglais
2021The Dark History of the Reincarnated VillainessShojoAnglais
2021The Dawn of the WitchShonen13 ansAnglais
2021The Detective Is Already DeadSeinenAnglais
2021The Dragon Knight's BelovedShojo13 ansAnglais
2021The Eminence in ShadowShonen13 ansAnglais
2021The Exo-drive Reincarnation Games: All-Japan Isekai Battle Tournament!Shonen13 ansAnglais
2021The Girl, the Shovel and the Evil EyeShonen16 ansAnglais
2021The Girl in the ArcadEcchi16 ansAnglais
2021The Girl Without a FaceSeinenAnglais
2021The Haunted Bookstore – Gateway to a Parallel UniverseJoseiAnglais
2021The Hero Laughs While Walking the Path of Vengeance a Second TimeShonenAnglais
2021The Honey-blood Beauty & Her VampireShojoAnglais
2021The Invincible ShovelShonen13 ansAnglais
2021The King's BeastShojo13 ansAnglais
2021The Maid I Hired Recently Is MysteriousEcchi16 ansAnglais
2021The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again TodaySeinen13 ansAnglais
2021The NPCs in this Village Sim Game Must Be RealSeinenAnglais
2021The Splendid Work of a Monster MaidSeinenAnglais
2021The Springtime of My Life Began with YouShojo13 ansAnglais
2021The Strange Adventure of a Broke MercenaryShonen13 ansAnglais
2021The Vampire & His Pleasant CompanionsShojo16 ansAnglais
2021The White Cat's Revenge as Plotted from the Dragon King's LapShojo13 ansAnglais
2021The Witches of AdamasEcchi18 ansAnglais
2021The World's Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another WorldSeinenAnglais
2021The Yakuza's Guide to BabysittingShonen13 ansAnglais
2021Those Not-So-Sweet BoysShojo13 ansAnglais
2021Those Snow White NotesShonen13 ansAnglais
2021Time Stop HeroShonenAnglais
2021Trapped in a Dating Sim: The World of Otome Games is Tough for MobsSeinen16 ansAnglais
2021Uncle from Another WorldSeinenAnglais
2021Undead Girl Murder FarceSeinen16 ansAnglais
2021Undead UnluckShonen16 ansAnglais
2021Villainess: Reloaded! Blowing Away Bad Ends with Modern WeaponsShonenAnglais
2021Welcome to Japan, Ms. Elf!Shonen13 ansAnglais
2021Who Wants to Marry a Billionaire?Ecchi18 ansAnglais
2021Wondercat Kyuu-chanSeinenAnglais
2021Ya Boy KongmingSeinen16 ansAnglais
2021Yamaguchi-kun Isn't So BadShojo13 ansAnglais
2021You're My CutieShojo13 ansAnglais
2021Young Ladies Don't Play Fighting GamesSeinenAnglais
2021Your Turn to Die: Majority Vote Death GameShonen16 ansAnglais
2021Zom 100 Bucket List of the DeadSeinenAnglais
202086 – Eighty-sixSeinenAnglais
2020Abe-kun's Got Me Now!Shojo13 ansAnglais
2020A Condition Called LoveShojo16 ansAnglais
2020A Gentle Noble's Vacation RecommendationShonenAnglais
2020A Man and His CatShonen13 ansAnglais
2020Am I Actually the Strongest?Shonen16 ansAnglais
2020An Archdemon's Dilemma: How to Love Your Elf BrideShonen13 ansAnglais
2020A Side Character's Love StorySeinen16 ansAnglais
2020A Sign of AffectionShojo16 ansAnglais
2020Beyond the CloudsShonenAnglais
2020Bibliophile PrincessJoseiAnglais
2020Birds of Shangri-LaBoy's Love18 ansAnglais
2020Blood on the TracksSeinen16 ansAnglais
2020Blue PeriodSeinen13 ansAnglais
2020Breasts Are My Favorite Things in the World!Yuri18 ansAnglais
2020By the Grace of the GodsShonenAnglais
2020Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd SkillSeinen13 ansAnglais
2020Cells at Work: Baby!Seinen13 ansAnglais
2020Cells at Work: Platelets!Shonen13 ansAnglais
2020Cherry Magic! Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard?!Boy's Love16 ansAnglais
2020Citrus PlusYuri18 ansAnglais
2020Cooking with Wild GameShonenAnglais
2020Cosmo FamiliaSeinen16 ansAnglais
2020Dance in the Vampire Bund: Age of Scarlet OrderSeinen16 ansAnglais
2020Demon Lord, Retry!SeinenAnglais
2020Dungeon Builder: The Demon King’s Labyrinth is a Modern City!Shonen16 ansAnglais
2020Fangirl The MangaShojoAnglais
2020Farming Life in Another WorldShonen13 ansAnglais
2020Fire in His Fingertips: A Flirty Fireman Ravishes Me With His Smoldering GazeJosei18 ansAnglais
2020Fly Me to the MoonShonen13 ansAnglais
2020Fushigi Yugi: Byakko SenkiShojo13 ansAnglais
2020GivenBoy's Love16 ansAnglais
2020GuiltyShojo16 ansAnglais
2020Heterogenia LinguisticoSeinenAnglais
2020Hop Step Sing!Seinen13 ansAnglais
2020How Do We Relationship?YuriAnglais
2020I'm a Behemoth, an S-Ranked Monster, but Mistaken for a Cat, I Live as an Elf Girl's PetSeinen16 ansAnglais
2020I've been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and maxed out my levelShonenAnglais
2020I Guess I Became the Mother of the Great Demon King's 10 Children in Another WorldShonen16 ansAnglais
2020Infinite DendrogramShonen13 ansAnglais
2020I Shall Survive Using Potions!Shonen13 ansAnglais
2020Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken !Seinen14 ansAnglais
2020Kingdom Hearts IIIShonenAnglais
2020Koimonogatari – Love StoriesBoy's Love16 ansAnglais
2020Kuma Kuma Kuma BearShonenAnglais
2020Let's Kiss in Secret TomorrowShojoAnglais
2020Life Lessons with Uramichi-OniisanShojoAnglais
2020Loner Life in Another WorldShonen13 ansAnglais
2020Lust GeassSeinen18 ansAnglais
2020Made in Abyss AnthologySeinen16 ansAnglais
2020Manly Appetites : Minegishi Loves OtsuBoy's Love16 ansAnglais
2020Moriarty the patriotShonenAnglais
2020My Androgynous BoyfriendJoseiAnglais
2020My Best ButlerShojo13 ansAnglais
2020My Dad's the Queen of All VTubers?!SeinenAnglais
2020My Dress-Up DarlingSeinenAnglais
2020My Roomie Is a DinoSeinen13 ansAnglais
2020My Room is a Dungeon Rest StopSeinen16 ansAnglais
2020My senpai is annoyingSeinen16 ansAnglais
2020My Status As an Assassin Obviously Exceeds the Hero'sShonen13 ansAnglais
2020Not Your IdolShojo16 ansAnglais
2020Ossan Idol?!JoseiAnglais
2020Otherworldly Munchkin: Let's Speedrun the Dungeon with Only 1 HP!Shonen13 ansAnglais
2020Our Fake MarriageShojo16 ansAnglais
2020Parallel ParadiseSeinen18 ansAnglais
2020Parham Itan: Tales From BeyondShojo16 ansAnglais
2020Peach Boy RiversideShonen13 ansAnglais
2020Peter Grill and the Philosopher's TimeSeinen18 ansAnglais
2020Prince FreyaShojoAnglais
2020Ragna CrimsonShonen13 ansAnglais
2020Rent-A-GirlfriendShonen16 ansAnglais
2020ScarletYuri18 ansAnglais
2020Shaman King: Super StarShonen13 ansAnglais
2020Shangri-La FrontierShonen16 ansAnglais
2020Shed that Skin, Ryugasaki-san!Shonen13 ansAnglais
2020Sorcerous Stabber Orphen: Reckless JourneyShonenAnglais
2020Spy x FamilyShonen16 ansAnglais
2020Star Wars Leia, Princess of AlderaanSeinenAnglais
2020Stellar Witch LIPSShojo13 ansAnglais
2020Sue and Tai-chanShojoAnglais
2020Suppose a Kid from the Last Dungeon Boonies Moved to a Starter TownShonenAnglais
2020SyrupYuri16 ansAnglais
2020That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime: The Ways of the Monster NationShonen13 ansAnglais
2020That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime: Trinity in TempestShonen16 ansAnglais
2020The Ancient Magus' Bride: Jack Flash and the Faerie Case FilesShonen13 ansAnglais
2020The Ancient Magus' Bride – Wizard's BlueShonen13 ansAnglais
2020The Apothecary DiariesSeinen13 ansAnglais
2020The Fox and the Little TanukiShonenAnglais
2020The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated!Shonen16 ansAnglais
2020The Hero is Overpowered but Overly CautiousShonen13 ansAnglais
2020The Hero Life of a (Self-Proclaimed) Mediocre Demon !ShonenAnglais
2020The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can EnterShonenAnglais
2020The Kingdoms of RuinShonen16 ansAnglais
2020The Legend of Dororo and HyakkimaruShonen13 ansAnglais
2020The Misfit of Demon King Academy: History's Strongest Demon King Reincarnates and Goes to School with His DescendantsShonen13 ansAnglais
2020The New GateSeinen16 ansAnglais
2020Therapy Game RestartBoy's Love18 ansAnglais
2020The Saint's Magic Power is OmnipotentShojo16 ansAnglais
2020The Sorcerer King of Destruction and the Golem of the Barbarian QueenShonen16 ansAnglais
2020The Strongest Sage with the Weakest CrestShonenAnglais
2020The Witch and the BeastSeinen16 ansAnglais
2020The World's Strongest Rearguard: Labyrinth Country's Novice SeekerShonenAnglais
2020To Save the World, Can You Wake Up the Morning After with a Demi-Human?Shonen18 ansAnglais
2020Unicorns Aren't HornyShonenAnglais
2020Wandering Witch: The Journey of ElainaShonenAnglais
2020We're New at ThisSeinen16 ansAnglais
2020Welcome to Succubus High!Seinen18 ansAnglais
2020What I Love About YouShonen16 ansAnglais
2020When We're in LoveShojo13 ansAnglais
2020Whisper Me a Love SongYuri13 ansAnglais
2020With a Dog AND a Cat, Every Day is FunShojo13 ansAnglais
2020Wolf & ParchmentSeinenAnglais
201910 DanceBoy's Love18 ansAnglais
2019Angels of Death Episode 0SeinenAnglais
2019AnimetaSeinen13 ansAnglais
2019Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest ZeroShonenAnglais
2019Arifureta: I Love IsekaiShonenAnglais
2019Asahi-sempai's FavoriteShojo16 ansAnglais
2019Atsumori-kun's Bride-to-beShojo13 ansAnglais
2019Become You: Kimi ni NareSeinen13 ansAnglais
2019Berserk DeluxeSeinen18 ansAnglais
2019Bungo Stray Dogs: Another StorySeinen16 ansAnglais
2019Candy Color ParadoxBoy's Love18 ansAnglais
2019Cells at Work and FriendsShojo13 ansAnglais
2019Cells NOT at WorkShonen13 ansAnglais
2019Combatants Will Be Dispatched!Seinen13 ansAnglais
2019Creature Girls: A Field Journal in Another WorldShonen18 ansAnglais
2019Don't Toy with Me, NagatoroShonenAnglais
2019Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks?SeinenAnglais
2019Fairy Tail - 100 Years QuestShonen13 ansAnglais
2019Faraway PaladinShonen13 ansAnglais
2019GleipnirSeinen16 ansAnglais
2019Goodbye! I'm Being Reincarnated!Shonen16 ansAnglais
2019Go with the Clouds, North by NorthwestSeinen16 ansAnglais
2019Harem Royale -When the Game Ends-Shonen16 ansAnglais
2019Heavenly DelusionSeinenAnglais
2019Hitorijime My HeroBoy's Love16 ansAnglais
2019How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the KingdomShonenAnglais
2019How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift?Shonen16 ansAnglais
2019How to Treat a Lady Knight RightShonenAnglais
2019Jujutsu KaisenShonen13 ansAnglais
2019Kaiju Girl CarameliseSeinenAnglais
2019Kakegurui TwinsShonen16 ansAnglais
2019Kakuriyo: Bed & Breakfast for SpiritsShojo13 ansAnglais
2019Kase-san and YamadaYuri16 ansAnglais
2019Killing Me!SeinenAnglais
2019Komi Can't CommunicateShonen13 ansAnglais
2019Love Massage: Melting Beauty TreatmentShojo16 ansAnglais
2019Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Side StorySeinen13 ansAnglais
2019Magus of the LibrarySeinenAnglais
2019Marginal OperationSeinenAnglais
2019Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid Elma's Office Lady DiarySeinen13 ansAnglais
2019Momo's Iron WillShojoAnglais
2019Monster WrestlingSeinen16 ansAnglais
2019Ms Koizumi Loves Ramen NoodlesSeinen13 ansAnglais
2019Mushoku Tensei: Roxy Gets SeriousShonen16 ansAnglais
2019My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!Josei13 ansAnglais
2019My Pink Is OverflowingShojo18 ansAnglais
2019Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New WorldSeinenAnglais
2019Overlord: Undead King OhSeinenAnglais
2019Overlord a la CarteShonenAnglais
2019Persona 5ShonenAnglais
2019Phantom Tales of the NightShonenAnglais
2019Pleasure & CorruptionSeinen18 ansAnglais
2019Reborn as a Polar Bear: The Legend of How I Became a Forest GuardianShonenAnglais
2019Reincarnated as a SwordSeinenAnglais
2019Saint Young MenSeinen16 ansAnglais
2019Saving 80,000 Gold in Another World for my RetirementShonen16 ansAnglais
2019Shinjuku Lucky HoleBoy's Love18 ansAnglais
2019Skeleton Knight in Another WorldShonen13 ansAnglais
2019Smile Down the RunwayShonen13 ansAnglais
2019Snow White with the Red HairShojo13 ansAnglais
2019Sorcerous Stabber Orphen Heed My Call, Beast!ShonenAnglais
2019Star Blazers: Space Battleship Yamato 2199ShonenAnglais
2019Sweet ReincarnationSeinenAnglais
2019The Brave-TuberShonenAnglais
2019The Ghost in the Shell: The Human AlgorithmSeinen16 ansAnglais
2019The Great ClericShonenAnglais
2019The Ideal Sponger LifeSeinen16 ansAnglais
2019The Magic in this Other World is Too Far Behind!ShonenAnglais
2019The Slime Diaries: That Time I Got Reincarnated as a SlimeShonenAnglais
2019The Survived Alchemist with a Dream of Quiet Town LifeShojo13 ansAnglais
2019The Unwanted Undead AdventurerShonenAnglais
2019The Way of the HousehusbandSeinenAnglais
2019Today's Menu for the Emiya FamilySeinen13 ansAnglais
2019Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!ShonenAnglais
2019Vampire DormitoryShojo13 ansAnglais
2019Watari-kun's ***** is About to CollapseSeinen16 ansAnglais
2019Which HanaShojo13 ansAnglais
2019Witch Hat AtelierSeinen13 ansAnglais
2019Woof Woof Story - I Told You to Turn Me Into a Pampered Pooch, Not Fenrir!SeinenAnglais
2019World's End Harem: FantasiaSeinen18 ansAnglais
2019Yarichin Bitch ClubBoy's Love18 ansAnglais
2019Yuri is my jobYuri16 ansAnglais
2018A.I.C.O. IncarnationShonen13 ansAnglais
2018Accomplishments of the Duke’s DaughterSeinen13 ansAnglais
2018After the RainSeinen16 ansAnglais
2018Alicia's Diet QuestShonen13 ansAnglais
2018Are You Lost?Seinen16 ansAnglais
2018Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s StrongestShonen13 ansAnglais
2018ArteSeinen13 ansAnglais
2018Battle Angel Alita: Mars ChronicleSeinenAnglais
2018Can You Just Die, My Darling?Shonen16 ansAnglais
2018Chi's Sweet AdventuresKodomo9 ansAnglais
2018CoyoteBoy's Love18 ansAnglais
2018Creature !Shonen17 ansAnglais
2018Dead Dead Demon's Dededede DestructionSeinen16 ansAnglais
2018Defying Kurosaki-kunShojo13 ansAnglais
2018Didn't I Say To Make My Abilities Average In The Next Life?!Shonen13 ansAnglais
2018Dragon Goes House-HuntingShonen13 ansAnglais
2018DragoStarPlayer RomeoBoy's Love18 ansAnglais
2018Durarara!! Re;Dollars ArcShonen16 ansAnglais
2018E-chocoBoy's Love18 ansAnglais
2018Eclair Yuri AnthologyYuri16 ansAnglais
2018Edens ZeroShonen13 ansAnglais
2018EmanonSeinen14 ansAnglais
2018Fairy Tale Battle RoyaleSeinen16 ansAnglais
2018Final Fantasy: Lost StrangerShonen13 ansAnglais
2018GolosseumSeinen18 ansAnglais
2018Hakumei & Mikochi: Tiny Little Life in the WoodSeinen13 ansAnglais
2018Heaven's Design TeamSeinen10 ansAnglais
2018High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even in Another World!Seinen16 ansAnglais
2018How NOT to Summon a Demon LordShonen13 ansAnglais
2018I'm Standing on a Million LivesShonen13 ansAnglais
2018If It's for My Daughter, I'd Even Defeat a Demon LordShonen13 ansAnglais
2018Interspecies ReviewersShonen16 ansAnglais
2018Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Familia Chronicle Episode LyuShonen13 ansAnglais
2018Jose RizalSeinen16 ansAnglais
2018Kamakura MonogatariSeinen13 ansAnglais
2018Laid-Back CampSeinenAnglais
2018La Magnifique grande scèneShonen12 ansAnglais
2018Lofty Flower, Fall for MeShonen13 ansAnglais
2018Machimaho! I Messed Up and Made the Wrong Person Into a Magical Girl!SeinenAnglais
2018Made in AbyssSeinen16 ansAnglais
2018Mermaid BoysShojoAnglais
2018Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid: Kanna's Daily LifeSeinenAnglais
2018Mononoke SharingSeinenAnglais
2018One Room of HappinessShonen18 ansAnglais
2018Plus-Sized ElfSeinen16 ansAnglais
2018Precarious Woman Executive Miss Black GeneralShonen13 ansAnglais
2018Red Riding Hood's Wolf ApprenticeShonenAnglais
2018RWBY: Official Manga AnthologySeinen16 ansAnglais
2018Satan's SecretaryShonen13 ansAnglais
2018Seven ShakespearesSeinen16 ansAnglais
2018Sleepy Princess in the Demon CastleShonenAnglais
2018Sorry for My FamiliarSeinenAnglais
2018TalentlessShonen16 ansAnglais
2018Teasing Master Takagi-sanSeinen13 ansAnglais
2018The Delinquent and the OtakuShonen16 ansAnglais
2018The Dungeon of Black CompanyShonen13 ansAnglais
2018The Elder Sister-Like OneSeinen18 ansAnglais
2018The Prince's Romance GambitShojo13 ansAnglais
2018The Saga of Evil TanyaSeinen16 ansAnglais
2018Tia La CherlaShonen13 ansAnglais
2018Toilet-Bound Hanako-kunShonenAnglais
2018Wakako-zakeSeinen13 ansAnglais
2018World's End HaremShonen16 ansAnglais
2018Wotakoi: Love Is Hard for OtakuJosei16 ansAnglais
2017Akashic Records of the Bastard Magical InstructorShonenAnglais
2017Alice & ZorokuSeinenAnglais
2017AltaïrShonen13 ansAnglais
2017A Polar Bear in LoveShonenAnglais
2017Black Panther and Sweet 16Shojo13 ansAnglais
2017BorutoShonen10 ansAnglais
2017Delicious in DungeonSeinenAnglais
2017Dragon Ball SuperShonen13 ansAnglais
2017Drifting DragonsSeinenAnglais
2017Elegant Yokai Apartment LifeShonen13 ansAnglais
2017FinderBoy's Love18 ansAnglais
2017Flying WitchShonen13 ansAnglais
2017Gabriel Dropout !Shonen13 ansAnglais
2017Giant KillingShonen13 ansAnglais
2017Goblin Slayer Year OneSeinen18 ansAnglais
2017Grand blue DreamingShonen16 ansAnglais
2017GTO - Paradise LostSeinen16 ansAnglais
2017Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? OratoriaShonen13 ansAnglais
2017I Want to Hold Aono-kun so Badly I Could DieSeinen16 ansAnglais
2017Kounodori: Dr. StorkSeinen16 ansAnglais
2017Land of the LustrousSeinen14 ansAnglais
2017Mikami-sensei's Way of LoveShojo16 ansAnglais
2017MurciélagoSeinen16 ansAnglais
2017My Boyfriend in OrangeShojo13 ansAnglais
2017My hero academia VigilantesShonen13 ansAnglais
2017Ocean of SecretsShojo13 ansAnglais
2017Otherworldly Izakaya NobuSeinenAnglais
2017Plum CrazyJoseiAnglais
2017Princess Resurrection NightmareShonen16 ansAnglais
2017PTSD RadioSeinen18 ansAnglais
2017Queen's QualityShojo13 ansAnglais
2017Red Riding Hood and the Big Sad WolfShojoAnglais
2017Shojo FightSeinen13 ansAnglais
2017Smokin' ParadeShonen13 ansAnglais
2017So I'm a Spider, So What?Seinen13 ansAnglais
2017Spirits & Cat EarsSeinen16 ansAnglais
2017SplatoonShonen13 ansAnglais
2017Terrified Teacher at Ghoul SchoolShonen13 ansAnglais
2017That Time I Got Reincarnated as a SlimeShonen13 ansAnglais
2017The Full-Time Wife EscapistJosei16 ansAnglais
2017There's A Demon Lord On the FloorSeinen16 ansAnglais
2017Tokyo RevengersShonen16 ansAnglais
2017To Your EternityShonen13 ansAnglais
2017Vampire Knight : MemoriesShojo16 ansAnglais
2017Wave Listen To MeSeinen16 ansAnglais
2017Yusen RutenJosei13 ansAnglais
2016Bungo Stray DogsSeinen16 ansAnglais
2016Death March to the Parallel World RhapsodyShonen13 ansAnglais
2016Don't Be CruelBoy's Love18 ansAnglais
2016Dread RedShonen13 ansAnglais
2016Farewell, My Dear CramerShonen15 ansAnglais
2016Fire ForceShonen13 ansAnglais
2016Goblin SlayerSeinen18 ansAnglais
2016Holy Corpse RisingSeinen13 ansAnglais
2016How to Build a Dungeon: Book of the Demon KingEcchi16 ansAnglais
2016How to Raise a Boring GirlfriendShonenAnglais
2016In/SpectreShonen13 ansAnglais
2016KillerShonen13 ansAnglais
2016Konosuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful WorldShonen13 ansAnglais
2016Kuma MikoSeinenAnglais
2016Little HeroShonen13 ansAnglais
2016Magia the NinthShonen13 ansAnglais
2016Miss Kobayashi's Dragon MaidSeinen13 ansAnglais
2016Mobile Suit Gundam ThunderboltSeinen16 ansAnglais
2016Orange omnibusShojo13 ansAnglais
2016OverlordSeinen16 ansAnglais
2016Please Tell Me! Galko-chanShonen16 ansAnglais
2016Re:MonsterSeinen16 ansAnglais
2016Sherlock MangaSeinen13 ansAnglais
2016Sword Art Online - Mother's RosaryShonen13 ansAnglais
2016The Other Side of SecretEcchi16 ansAnglais
2016Toppu GPSeinen13 ansAnglais
2016Wandering IslandSeinen14 ansAnglais
2016Welcome to the BallroomShonen13 ansAnglais
2016Yona of the DawnShojo12 ansAnglais
2015A Certain Magical IndexShonen13 ansAnglais
2015Aizawa-san MultipliesShonen13 ansAnglais
2015Alice in the Country of Hearts – White Rabbit and Some Afternoon TeaJosei16 ansAnglais
2015As the Gods Will: The Second SeriesShonen16 ansAnglais
2015Black CloverShonen13 ansAnglais
2015Bokura wa Minna KawaisouSeinen16 ansAnglais
2015Cronos HazeSeinen16 ansAnglais
2015Dead Mount Death PlaySeinen18 ansAnglais
2015Demon King Ena-sama Goes to a Manga SchoolShonenAnglais
2015Die WergelderSeinen18 ansAnglais
2015DonyatsuSeinen13 ansAnglais
2015Drug and DropSeinen14 ansAnglais
2015Fairy Tail Master's EditionShonen13 ansAnglais
2015Father and SonShonen13 ansAnglais
2015First Love MonsterShojo13 ansAnglais
2015Freezing OmnibusEcchi16 ansAnglais
2015Golden TimeShonenAnglais
2015Idol DreamsShojoAnglais
2015Investor ZSeinen16 ansAnglais
2015Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?Seinen13 ansAnglais
2015Joshi KauseiSeinen13 ansAnglais
2015KakeGurui - Compulsive GamblerShonen13 ansAnglais
2015Karneval 2-in-1Josei16 ansAnglais
2015King's Game: OriginSeinen16 ansAnglais
2015KipoSeinen16 ansAnglais
2015Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service OmnibusSeinen18 ansAnglais
2015Log HorizonSeinenAnglais
2015Magika Swordsman and SummonerSeinen16 ansAnglais
2015Merman in my TubShonen13 ansAnglais
2015MomokuriSeinen13 ansAnglais
2015Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kunShonen13 ansAnglais
2015Mushoku Tensei - Jobless ReincarnationSeinen16 ansAnglais
2015My Hero AcademiaShonen13 ansAnglais
2015My Monster Girl's Too Cool for YouShonenAnglais
2015NanbakaSeinen13 ansAnglais
2015Ninja SoccerShonen13 ansAnglais
2015Noragami - Stray StoriesShonen13 ansAnglais
2015Nurse Hitomi's Monster InfirmarySeinenAnglais
2015Pandora in the Crimson Shell - Ghost UrnSeinen16 ansAnglais
2015Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth P3ShonenAnglais
2015Puella Magi Homura TamuraSeinen16 ansAnglais
2015Puella Magi Tart Magica – The Legend of Jeanne d'ArcSeinen16 ansAnglais
2015SakiSeinen13 ansAnglais
2015School-LiveSeinen16 ansAnglais
2015SerVampShonen13 ansAnglais
2015Silver NinaSeinen13 ansAnglais
2015Soredemo Machi wa MawatteiruSeinen16 ansAnglais
2015Takahashi-san is listeningShonen13 ansAnglais
2015Tales of Wedding RingsSeinen16 ansAnglais
2015The Ancient Magus' BrideShonen16 ansAnglais
2015The Case Study of VanitasShonenAnglais
2015The Devil is a Part-TimerShonen13 ansAnglais
2015The Diary of OchibiSeinen13 ansAnglais
2015The Legend of OnikirimaruSeinen16 ansAnglais
2015The Morose MononokeanShonen13 ansAnglais
2015The Night Beyond the Tricornered WindowBoy's Love18 ansAnglais
2015The Rising of the Shield HeroSeinen13 ansAnglais
2015The Royal TutorShonen13 ansAnglais
2015The Tenth PrismShonen13 ansAnglais
2015The World's Greatest First Love: The Case of Ritsu OnoderaBoy's Love18 ansAnglais
2015Trinity SevenShonen18 ansAnglais
2015Twin Star ExorcistsShonen13 ansAnglais
2015UltramanSeinen16 ansAnglais
2015Unlimited FafnirSeinen16 ansAnglais
2015Yo-Kai WatchKodomo7 ansAnglais
2015You See, TeacherEcchi18 ansAnglais
2015Yowamushi Pedal OmnibusShonenAnglais
2014Aria the Scarlet AmmoSeinen16 ansAnglais
2014Arpeggio of Blue SteelSeinen16 ansAnglais
2014Attack on Titan Colossal OmnibusShonen16 ansAnglais
2014Cardfight!! VanguardShonen10 ansAnglais
2014D-FragSeinen13 ansAnglais
2014EdenSeinen16 ansAnglais
2014Escape From GraceSeinen18 ansAnglais
2014GangstaSeinen16 ansAnglais
2014GangstaSeinen18 ansAnglais
2014Holy KnightSeinen18 ansAnglais
2014Iris ZeroSeinen13 ansAnglais
2014KampferSeinen16 ansAnglais
2014Kotoura-SanSeinen13 ansAnglais
2014Let's Go PlaySeinen16 ansAnglais
2014Love at FourteenJosei16 ansAnglais
2014Megatokyo OmnibusShonen13 ansAnglais
2014My Neighbor SekiSeinen10 ansAnglais
2014No Game, No LifeSeinen16 ansAnglais
2014Seraph of the endShonen13 ansAnglais
2014Stardust TrafficHentai18 ansAnglais
2014Strike Witches - 1937 Fusou Sea IncidentShonen16 ansAnglais
2014Terra FormarsSeinen16 ansAnglais
2014The Heroic Legend of ArslanShonenAnglais
2014Twittering Never FlyBoy's Love18 ansAnglais
2014What Did you Eat Yesterday?Seinen16 ansAnglais
2013Absolute Monarch SyndromeSeinen18 ansAnglais
2013A Centaur's LifeSeinen16 ansAnglais
2013Crimson SpellBoy's Love18 ansAnglais
2013D Gray-man 3-in1Shonen13 ansAnglais
2013Elemental Gerade - Flag of Blue SkyShonen16 ansAnglais
2013IdolHouseHentai18 ansAnglais
2013Into IllusionBoy's Love18 ansAnglais
2013Kinoko InuSeinen18 ansAnglais
2013Lies are a Gentleman’s MannersBoy's Love16 ansAnglais
2013Monster MusumeSeinen16 ansAnglais
2013No Matter How I Look at It, It's You Guy's Fault I'm Not PopularShonen16 ansAnglais
2013One-Punch ManSeinenAnglais
2013S & MSeinen18 ansAnglais
2013See Me After ClassEcchi18 ansAnglais
2013Space BrothersSeinen13 ansAnglais
2013Spiritual PoliceBoy's Love18 ansAnglais
2013The Ravishing of the Crown PrinceBoy's Love18 ansAnglais
2013Vinland SagaSeinen16 ansAnglais
2013World TriggerShonen13 ansAnglais
2012Amorous Women of the Floating World - Sex in Old TokyoHentai18 ansAnglais
2012Full BloomBoy's Love13 ansAnglais
2012His FavoriteBoy's Love18 ansAnglais
2012I've seen it allBoy's Love18 ansAnglais
2012KamenSeinen15 ansAnglais
2012LovelessShojo16 ansAnglais
2012Love PistolsBoy's Love18 ansAnglais
2012Noragami - Stray GodShonen13 ansAnglais
2012Parce que je suis une femme de ménageShojo12 ansAnglais
2012Punch UpBoy's Love18 ansAnglais
2012Secret Lives of HousewivesHentai18 ansAnglais
2012Start with a Happy EndingSeinen16 ansAnglais
2012Sweet PoolBoy's Love18 ansAnglais
2012The Hentai Prince And The Stony CatEcchi16 ansAnglais
2012Triage XShonen18 ansAnglais
2012Umineko when they cryShonen16 ansAnglais
2011A Bride's StorySeinen16 ansAnglais
2011A Certain Scientific RailgunShonen13 ansAnglais
2011Amnesia LabyrinthSeinen16 ansAnglais
2011Blue ExorcistShonen16 ansAnglais
2011BorderBoy's Love18 ansAnglais
2011DriftersSeinen16 ansAnglais
2011Gate 7Shonen14 ansAnglais
2011Pokémon Black and WhiteShonen7 ansAnglais
2011Pokémon Black and White Mini-volumesShonen7 ansAnglais
2011ToraDora!Shonen13 ansAnglais
2010Black ButlerShonen16 ansAnglais
2010ComiCloud MagazineSeinen16 ansAnglais
2010Maiden RoseBoy's Love18 ansAnglais
2010MizukiShojo13 ansAnglais
2010Natsume's Book of FriendsShojo13 ansAnglais
2010Panda Man to the RescueKodomo7 ansAnglais
2010Taro and the Magic PencilKodomo7 ansAnglais
2010The Tyrant Falls in LoveBoy's Love16 ansAnglais
2009Arata the legendShonen13 ansAnglais
2009Dogs - Bullets and CarnageSeinen18 ansAnglais
2009Dog x CatBoy's Love18 ansAnglais
2009GPH - Student CouncilBoy's Love18 ansAnglais
2009Hey ! Class PresidentBoy's Love18 ansAnglais
2009Kita KogaSeinen16 ansAnglais
2009Momogumi Plus SenkiShojo13 ansAnglais
2009One Piece East Blue - Omnibus EditionShonen13 ansAnglais
2009Pokémon AdventuresShonen7 ansAnglais
2009Pokémon Sun & MoonShonen7 ansAnglais
2009ReversibleBoy's Love16 ansAnglais
2009Yotsuba&!Seinen9 ansAnglais
2009Zone 00Josei16 ansAnglais
2008Black LagoonSeinen18 ansAnglais
2008Higurashi when they cryShonen16 ansAnglais
2008Kyo kara MaohShojo13 ansAnglais
2008REALSeinen16 ansAnglais
2008Sunshine SketchSeinen13 ansAnglais
2008The Prime Minister's Secret DiplomacyBoy's Love18 ansAnglais
2008Vagabond - Vizbig Edition -Seinen18 ansAnglais
2007Pumpkin ScissorsShonen16 ansAnglais
2007Sound of My VoiceBoy's Love18 ansAnglais
2007VagabondSeinen18 ansAnglais
2006D. Gray-manShonen16 ansAnglais
2006Skip BeatShojo13 ansAnglais
2006The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery ServiceSeinen18 ansAnglais
2005Hunter x HunterShonen16 ansAnglais
2005Jojo's Bizarre Adventure – JumpShonen16 ansAnglais
2004Beet the Vandel BusterShonen10 ansAnglais
2004Case ClosedShonen16 ansAnglais
2004Sgt. FrogShonen13 ansAnglais
2003BerserkSeinen18 ansAnglais
2003One PieceShonen13 ansAnglais
?And Yet, You Are So SweetShojoAnglais
?Blend SSeinenAnglais
?DeadlockBoy's Love18 ansAnglais
?Girlfriend GirlfriendShonen16 ansAnglais
?Sword art Online Alternative Gun Gale OnlineSeinen13 ansAnglais
?Sword Art Online Project AlicizationShonen13 ansAnglais
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