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Boy's Love

Shinjuku Lucky Hole
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Shinjuku Lucky Hole

After the sudden death of his debt-ridden father, Kumi’s past life as a high schooler ends forever. His future as a porn star begins when the yakuza throws Kumi into the care of Sakuma, a trainer of adult video talent. While Sakuma teaches Kumi the art of sex, Kumi can’t separate the feeling of love with sex. Flash forward years later. Kumi and Sakuma live together, work together, and sometimes even platonically share the same bed. They also found their own adult video production company called Lucky Hole. But, Kumi is never sure how Sakuma feels about him, especially when they both sleep around and never with each other. With their lives so intertwined and unraveled, what is their relationship? Shinjuku Lucky Hole depicts a series of adult love stories spanning over a dozen years of drama, heartbreak, and yearning.

: Numérique (lecture en ligne)

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