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Aria the Scarlet Ammo
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Aria the Scarlet Ammo

A savoir
: Version numérique

Kinji Tohyama can’t seem to catch a break. As a Butei (an armed detective) he’s constantly running away from assassins and polishing up his detective skills, all while attempting to have a normal high school life. Just when he thinks he’s finally going to get out… A gun toting, sword swinging, aggressive, small-breasted, pigtail haired beauty named Aria H. Kanzaki violently drags him back in! We know that our hero can dodge bombs and bullets, but can he dodge Aria’s demand that he becomes her slave? Or will she finally follow through on her threats to “blow him a new hole”?!

: 5,75 €
: Numérique (ebook et lecture en ligne)
Sens de lecture
: Japonais

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