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"Dogs" tells the story of four individuals struggling to survive a dystopian urban future by gun and sword and courage and luck. Mihai, the "Weepy Old Killer": A former hitman now trying to live a quiet life but haunted by the deaths of his victims and his lover. Badou, the "Gun Smoker": A chain-smoking "information broker" and hired gun whose reckless façade hides a serious intent. Naoto, the "Blade Maiden": A preternaturally skilled swordswoman with a single desire: revenge against the assassin who cut down her family. Heine, the "Stray Dog": A cipher with a metal collar bolted to his neck, a disturbing talent for mayhem, and a childhood sacrificed to the thing known as "Kerberos."

: 9,39 €
: 12,7 x 19 cm
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: Japonais

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