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Mobile Suit Gundam Wing - Episode Zero
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Mobile Suit Gundam Wing - Episode Zero

Resourceful young pilots from the colonies--including a war orphan, a former child assassin, and the child of a traveling circus--answer the call to fight back against the tyrannical United Earth Sphere Alliance.Before the outbreak of the colony war, forces were at work shaping the future and preparing its players for the final game. As children, each of the Gundam pilots endured hardships that would have broken the will of any normal person. Gundam pilots, Duo Maxwell, Heero Yuy, Trowa Barton, Quatre Rabbera Winner, and Chang Wufei have endured more pain and difficulties than most people experience in a lifetime. But not even their comrades in arms could have known about the even more tumultuous childhoods as war orphans and other hardships. Visit a time in the pilots' youth when the events of a universe gone mad makes desperation just another part of daily life.

: 7,22 €
: 12,7 x 19 cm

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