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Les Shonen de 2019

Liste des Shonen de 2019 publiés en France et aux Etats-Unis

2019Japon10th, à couper le souffleShonen12 ansFrançais
2019JaponA Boy Raised by Gods Will Be The StrongestShonenAnglais
2019JaponA Gentle Noble's Vacation RecommendationShonenAnglais
2019JaponAgravity BoysShonen13 ansAnglais
2019JaponAm I Actually the Strongest?Shonen16 ansAnglais
2019FranceAnne de BretagneShonen12 ansFrançais
2019JaponA safe new worldShonen13 ansFrançais
2019JaponA tale of the Secret SaintShonen13 ansAnglais
2019JaponBootslegShonen13 ansAnglais
2019FranceBraveryShonen12 ansFrançais
2019JaponBungo Stray Dogs BeastShonenAnglais
2019JaponCall of the NightShonenAnglais
2019JaponCan't Stop Cursing YouShonenAnglais
2019JaponCat + GamerShonen13 ansAnglais
2019JaponCells at Work: Platelets!Shonen13 ansAnglais
2019JaponChandraHasShonen14 ansFrançais
2019JaponChillin' in Another World with Level 2 Super Cheat PowersShonen13 ansAnglais
2019JaponChillin' Life in a Different WorldShonen12 ansFrançais
2019ItalieCinéraireShonen12 ansFrançais
2019JaponDahliya, Artisane MagicienneShonen12 ansFrançais
2019JaponDai DarkShonenAnglais
2019JaponDays on FesShonenAnglais
2019JaponDear CallShonen12 ansFrançais
2019JaponDemon SlaveShonen14 ansFrançais
2019JaponDr. Stone Reboot: ByakuyaShonen12 ansFrançais
2019JaponDr. Stone Reboot: ByakuyaShonen13 ansAnglais
2019JaponDungeon Dive : Aim for the Deepest LevelShonen16 ansAnglais
2019JaponElio le fugitifShonen14 ansFrançais
2019JaponEnchanted RacerShonenAnglais
2019JaponFailure Frame: I Became the Strongest and Annihilated Everything With Low-Level SpellsShonenAnglais
2019JaponFate/Grand Order -Epic of Remnant- Pseudo-Singularity III: The Stage of Carnage, Shimousa - Seven Duels of SwordmastersShonen13 ansAnglais
2019FranceGoalShonen11 ansFrançais
2019JaponGotouge Koyoharu TanhenshuuShonen12 ansFrançais
2019JaponHazure Skill: The Guild Member with a Worthless Skill Is Actually a Legendary AssassinShonen13 ansAnglais
2019JaponHeadhunted to Another WorldShonenAnglais
2019JaponHeart GearShonen12 ansFrançais
2019JaponHero'sShonen11 ansFrançais
2019JaponHero'sShonen13 ansAnglais
2019JaponHer Royal Highness Seems to be AngryShonen13 ansAnglais
2019JaponHistoires sans finShonen10 ansFrançais
2019JaponI'm the Catlords' ManservantShonen13 ansAnglais
2019JaponIf the RPG World Had Social MediaShonenAnglais
2019JaponIf Witch, Then Which?Shonen16 ansAnglais
2019JaponI Guess I Became the Mother of the Great Demon King's 10 Children in Another WorldShonen16 ansAnglais
2019FranceInnermostShonen12 ansFrançais
2019JaponIn the Land of LeadaleShonen12 ansFrançais
2019JaponI Think Our Son Is GayShonenAnglais
2019JaponI Was a Bottom-Tier Bureaucrat for 1,500 Years, and the Demon King Made Me a MinisterShonen13 ansAnglais
2019JaponJack l'éclair et l'incident des féesShonen12 ansFrançais
2019JaponKingdom Hearts IIIShonen8 ansFrançais
2019JaponKingdom Hearts IIIShonenAnglais
2019JaponLa Gameuse et son chatShonen12 ansFrançais
2019JaponLast Round ArthursShonen13 ansAnglais
2019JaponLe Bleu du magicienShonen13 ansFrançais
2019JaponLe Conte des pariasShonen12 ansFrançais
2019JaponLégende vivanteShonen12 ansFrançais
2019Etats-UnisLes Aventures de Tom SawyerShonen11 ansFrançais
2019JaponLes Tisserands de la véritéShonen12 ansFrançais
2019JaponLet This Grieving Soul RetireShonenAnglais
2019FranceLil'BerryShonen12 ansFrançais
2019JaponLonely WorldShonen13 ansFrançais
2019JaponLoner Life in Another WorldShonen12 ansFrançais
2019JaponLoner Life in Another WorldShonen13 ansAnglais
2019JaponMagic Artisan Dahlia Wilts No MoreShonenAnglais
2019JaponMagic Stone Gourmet: Eating Magical Power Made Me The StrongestShonenAnglais
2019JaponMaoShonen12 ansFrançais
2019JaponMaoShonen13 ansAnglais
2019JaponMapping: The Trash-Tier Skill That Got Me Into a Top-Tier PartyShonenAnglais
2019JaponMission: Yozakura FamilyShonen12 ansFrançais
2019JaponMitama Security: Spirit BustersShonen13 ansAnglais
2019JaponMy Deer Friend NokotanShonen13 ansAnglais
2019JaponMy Hero Academia: Team-Up MissionsShonen13 ansAnglais
2019JaponMy Hero Academia Team Up MissionShonen12 ansFrançais
2019JaponMy Hero Academia Two Heroes – Animé ComicsShonen12 ansFrançais
2019FranceNakoShonen12 ansFrançais
2019JaponNecromanceShonen13 ansAnglais
2019FranceNeogiciaShonen12 ansFrançais
2019JaponNi no KuniShonen12 ansFrançais
2019JaponNo Vampire, No Happy EndingShonenAnglais
2019JaponOne Piece Stampede Animé ComicsShonen10 ansFrançais
2019JaponOtaku ElfShonenAnglais
2019JaponOtherworldly Munchkin: Let's Speedrun the Dungeon with Only 1 HP!Shonen13 ansAnglais
2019JaponPersona 5 Mementos MissionShonenAnglais
2019JaponPing KongShonen13 ansFrançais
2019JaponPokémon Journeys: The SeriesShonen7 ansAnglais
2019JaponPokémon Pocket Comics: Sun & MoonShonen7 ansAnglais
2019JaponPrince of Lan LingShonenAnglais
2019JaponReborn to Master the BladeShonenAnglais
2019FranceRed Flowers StoriesShonen12 ansFrançais
2019JaponReign of the Seven SpellbladesShonenAnglais
2019ItalieRequiemShonen12 ansFrançais
2019JaponRozi in the LabyrinthShonen13 ansAnglais
2019JaponSadako-san and Sadako-chanShonenAnglais
2019JaponSamurai 8Shonen10 ansFrançais
2019JaponSamurai 8Shonen13 ansAnglais
2019JaponSecrets of the Magical StonesShonen12 ansFrançais
2019JaponShikabana - fleur de cadavreShonen15 ansFrançais
2019JaponShyShonen12 ansFrançais
2019JaponSky High Survival Next LevelShonen15 ansFrançais
2019JaponSlice of LifeShonen12 ansFrançais
2019JaponSlow Life In Another World – I wishShonen15 ansAnglais
2019FranceSoliosShonen12 ansFrançais
2019JaponSpy x FamilyShonen13 ansFrançais
2019JaponSpy x FamilyShonen16 ansAnglais
2019JaponThat Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime: Trinity in TempestShonen16 ansAnglais
2019JaponThe Ancient Magus' Bride: Jack Flash and the Faerie Case FilesShonen13 ansAnglais
2019JaponThe Ancient Magus' Bride – Wizard's BlueShonen13 ansAnglais
2019JaponThe Country Without HumansShonen13 ansAnglais
2019JaponThe Dawn of the WitchShonen13 ansAnglais
2019JaponThe Elf and the HunterShonen12 ansFrançais
2019JaponThe Eminence in ShadowShonen13 ansFrançais
2019JaponThe Eminence in ShadowShonen13 ansAnglais
2019JaponThe Invincible ShovelShonen13 ansAnglais
2019JaponThe Kingdoms of ruinShonen12 ansFrançais
2019JaponThe Kingdoms of RuinShonen16 ansAnglais
2019JaponThe Lotus Eaters, Drunk and SoberShonenAnglais
2019JaponThe Sorcerer King of Destruction and the Golem of the Barbarian QueenShonen16 ansAnglais
2019JaponThe Strange Adventure of a Broke MercenaryShonen13 ansAnglais
2019JaponThe Tale of the OutcastsShonen13 ansAnglais
2019JaponThe Weakest Contestant in All Space and TimeShonen13 ansAnglais
2019JaponTime Stop HeroShonenAnglais
2019JaponTokyo Shinobi SquadShonen12 ansFrançais
2019FranceVersus MemoryShonen12 ansFrançais
2019JaponVillainess: Reloaded! Blowing Away Bad Ends with Modern WeaponsShonenAnglais
2019JaponWhen Will Ayumu Make His Move?Shonen13 ansAnglais
2019JaponYakuza ReincarnationShonen12 ansFrançais
2019JaponYakuza ReincarnationShonenAnglais
2019JaponYoshi no Zuikara: The Frog in the Well Does Not Know the OceanShonen13 ansAnglais
2019JaponYour Turn to Die: Majority Vote Death GameShonen16 ansAnglais
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